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About Us

Shields Against Addiction

Although they are not one and the same, addiction and crime are two things that are quite often synonymous. As a result, communities across the country are being greatly affected by a growing opioid epidemic. Especially relevant, the way society has been approaching this issue isn’t working.

First of all, it should be a known fact that addiction is not a crime. Our training seminars inform first responders how to approach addiction as a disease instead of a moral failing. In addition, we also provide in-depth training on naloxone, the lifesaving opioid overdose reversal medication. Furthermore, our seminars provide hands on training on how to interact with people who are struggling with addiction and their family members.

Our Mission

Shields Against Addiction educates first responders on the disease of addiction. In addition, we believe that there is a better way to address addiction and it begins with education. Bringing all corners of our communities together we can supply the public with the necessary tools to support addiction recovery and prevent overdoses across the country.


Who we are

Shields Against Addiction is a non-profit organization which consists of a medley of first responders and addiction treatment professionals. We all share one belief. That our communities need more education and resources to combat the opioid epidemic. If we all work together, we know we can create real change for the drug epidemic facing our country.


What we do

We create, host, and facilitate addiction training classes that equip our first responders with the knowledge and tools they need to help people struggling with addiction. Also, we offer naloxone training and a hands on learning experience which helps first responders to understand the opioid epidemic from all angles.


How we do it

In addition to the stigma of addiction, we noticed there was a lack of educational resources available to both the public and our First Responders. That’s why we partner with community organizations and key players in the addiction treatment industry to bring an in-depth and hands on learning experience to each of our seminars.